Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Last night there was an event on campus for all the students.  They set up a tent outside that was full of Christmas lights and decorations. Added some music played by a DJ and had traditional drinks such as:

Glühwein is a hot red wine that is mixed with some other fall spices to create a warm tummy winter drink.
Glühmost is basically the same thing but made with white wine. There was also hot chocolate, tea, and water available.

I think what made the night super special for us was that it started to snow while we were enjoying our drinks and our friends!! WINTER IS COMING & ITS OFFICIALLY CHRISTMAS TIME :)

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Trip to Lienz!

First I would like to say that what happened in Paris yesterday was horrible. It's so scary to think that things like this are happening because there is a group of people who are against something as simple as a religion or racial affiliation. Just sad.

Today we took a trip to Lienz, AUS, with the group names Entree. They are ones in charge of all the international students  :) They planned this little day trip for us at a low cost, and it was pretty fun! We took a train to the town, and when we got there we made our way to the little market. We then had about two hours before we all had to meet up for lunch. We went through the shops and grabbed some glüwein :)

When we met up for lunch, they took us to a cool pizza place. We there for about 1 1/2 and then headed to our next destination.  We got to take a tour through the famous church for them. It was filled with paintings and very pretty decorations on the alters. There were even a few tombs we could see. We then walked through a few cemeteries. Some of the dates on the plaques were as old as 1914 and others were as recent as 2015. It was pretty amazing to see how they took care of their dead compared to how we do it back in the states.

Lastly they planned a little coffee and cake stop for us before we needed to hop back on the train. The majority of us had coffee and apple strudel :)

I think one of the most fun thing I will remember from this trip is the group of friends that we were with! There was the three American girls, one from England, and two more from Ireland :) This little crew that we put together is just a hoot ;)

Sunday, November 1, 2015

October :)

Right after our last trip classes started. Since then, we haven't been to many places. But thank goodness there is stuff we did in Klagenfurt instead!

Most of the time, if we are bored we head to a local bar or pub and hang out with a few beers and music. Right after Oktoberfest ended in Germany, Klagenfurt had their own little one for a weekend! I will say it was pretty great :) I got my sausage and sauerkraut paired with a beer :)

Another thing that I noticed was that Halloween was not a big deal here like it would have been at home. We were all worried about getting costumes and where we should go. It turns out most people don't really dress up.. and if they do its mainly just make up. But there were some awesome places to go that night! There was a Horror themed carnival, a techno concert, and lots of themed parties at the bars. Fun stuff!

Otherwise October was really just filled with getting used to going to classes and making new friends right here.  :)

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Trip to Rome!

There hasn't been too much going on since our last trip. We went swimming in the super cold but clear lake, finished our Intensive German Course, and made more international friends!

But now our journey takes us to ROME, ITALY! I will say, I have always hoped to go to Rome and see all the ruins and super touristy things that everyone says is so much fun. I just never thought I would get to go! This was an experience that I will never forget. 

We were in Rome for 4 days. I will say that was way worth it. The city itself is awesome, but dirty. Like trash everywhere. But it was still fun! 

DAY 1:
We took a night train, so we could sleep and relax on our way there.  That wasn't too bad, other than we shared a cabin with other people, so it was a little awkward to move around and get comfy.  But once we got there it didn't matter!

We went to a cafe to hang out before we could get to the place we were staying. It was nice to sit outside for a little while after being cooped up for 12 hours.. lol. But after we got to the place we were staying in we dropped our stuff and headed right back out! We were finally there and wanted to see EVERYTHING! 

We made our way to the colosseum, but we continuously got sidetracked while walking there. But we did find the best gelato :) It was so funny, because once we got towards the colosseum, we could pick out the other Americans in the crowds. The colosseum itself was amazing. The history that we know about it tied with actually walking around and touching the stones and marble... it was just jaw dropping. Never thought I would make it there so soon in my life, but I am so glad I could.  We then headed towards the Arco Di Constantino. The thing was huge and carved to intricately I was shocked it was something they left outside. We then continued through the ruins, Palatino, and the Arco Di Tito. Again, it was all stuff that I had never pictured seeing so soon. 

Because we walked the whole time,  we were starving. Being in Italy, we found a cute little place to get pasta and wine :) We then headed towards the Fontana Di Trevi, when we got side tracked by a group of people who were talking as part of a church. They were singing and praying while walking down the pedestrian streets. We joined and followed them till we got to the fountain. Sadly the fountain wasn't on due to cleaning, but we could still see it through the glass. We then headed back to the hostel because we were so tired. 

DAY 2: 
We slept in a little bit, then all of us got up and headed out. We walked to the Medici Palace hoping to take a tour, but they were closed. So we decided to go a different way when we ended up at the Spanish Stairs. As we continued our journey, we ended up at the Palazzo Chigi & Montecitorio...where sadly there was a funeral beginning to take place. We left there and ended up at the Tempio Adriano. This was a very old temple, but not open to the public for visits inside. We then continued to walk and found the Pantheon! I think we spent about an hour walking through and enjoying the amazing place that it is and was. 

After walking for a while, we found the Palazzo Madama--the art district! There were shops and artists all around selling what they made right there in front of you. We stayed in this area for a while, then found other places to explore like the Vespa Museum! It was very small, but still cool to see the evolution of Vespa scooters. For kicks an giggles, we found the U.S. Embassy as well! Keianna had hoped to get inside, but they don't do that for security purposes. 

We then found food at the Hard Rock Cafe-- finally we could get "American food". And of course we took a look around the shop as well before we headed back! 

DAY 3:
This day was spent at the Vatican City. It was an 1 1/2 hour walk from where we were staying, but it was totally worth it. We got to take a tour of the museum(there were things such as statues, tapestries, bathtubs, and more), see St. Peter's Basilica, and even see the Sistine Chapel and paintings! The whole thing was just amazing and I could not believe that I was there.  We then found a late lunch/early dinner that included a bottle of wine and amazing ravioli. We then found more gelato and other presents/snacks and slowly made our way towards the Trevi Fountain and shops again. Because we had to walk so much, we headed back a little early.

DAY 4:
We found out the day before that the Pope was returning from his trip in America and was going to give his weekly speech this day. So we headed towards the Vatican City again at an unnatural hour to get the best spots possible. Which we found! I was within arms length away from the Pope himself... it was just amazing. The amount of people that were there and from all over the world! Just awesome. 

After the Pope, we found a Sanitary Museum located in a hospital. It was filled with bones, wax models of the body from the 1900's, brains in jars, tools from 1900's hospitals and more awesome medical stuff. The three of us all geeked out over many things we found in this place.

We then headed back to shower and gather all our things and eat lunch. We had another night train ride home, and this time we could spread out where ever we wanted :) This trip was amazing :) 

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Trip to Salzburg!

For my 22nd birthday, the girls and I took a day trip to Salzburg, Austria! It was a 3 hour train ride there at 6:40 am, but I would have to say it was totally worth it.

When we got there, we worked our way through the city till we eventually saw the Fortress. It was a last minute decision to go there, but I thought it was way worth it. Each room was filled with different things. There was a concert hall full of chairs, the Bishop's old room-including his bedroom and bathroom, lots of jewelry and a whole kitchen that was re-reacted to look like what it once did. I think my favorite places inside was the torture room with all the items they would have used and the armor room. It was a little creepy but still amazing to see.  We spent time walking around the courtyard and then headed back down towards the city.

After our fortress tour, we were starving. So we found a little market where you could get anything you could think of....including pretzels as big as my head covered in everything. We filled up on our pretzels and walked around to see what the little market had to offer us. We still had some time to kill before we needed to head towards our next tour, so we walked through the shops and the main square.

Our second tour took us through the Mirabell Gardens. Thank goodness we went when we did because it was a gorgeous day and all the flowers were still in bloom :) We then when to find where we were supposed to meet for the Sound of Music tour!

The Sound of Music tour was awesome :) They took us to the houses where the family lived, the lake with the mountain view, to the gazebo, even to another town where the church was where they got married in the end of the movie! The whole tour was fantastic--and since it was my birthday they gave me a small bottle of champagne and sang happy birthday for me. :)

After our tour, we slowly made our way back towards the train station. We were exhausted and hungry and just wanted to get back to our town. It was an amazing trip, especially since it was for my 22nd Birthday :P 

Monday, September 14, 2015

Days 8-13 -- Klagenfurt

Well, there hasn't been too much going on lately. Just getting up everyday and going to my German class.  Although this will be a little long because it covers 5 bad.

Although on Friday, after class, I headed to the City Center with the girls to grab a few things that we all needed--tights and looking for ideas on what to wear for a 90's party :) Afterwards we went to McDonald's. It really wasn't much different except the way that we order.  You could to the register and order, or there were these big touch screens along the wall that you could use as well! The touch screens let you choose what you wanted down to the last pickle, then you could pay there with a card or get a ticket to pay at the register with cash. It was pretty interesting! Once we got our food, we had forgotten that you have to pay for ketchup and there is no ice in the pop.. lol oops. We then headed home and everyone got ready for the party!

The building where the party was held was packed like sardines.  You could not walk to the bar or to the dance floor without accidentally rubbing up against someone.. it was awkward. But overall it was very fun! There was both German and American Music from the 90's, so that made it interesting. :)

Saturday we got up and took a boat to a different town (Reifnitz). From the boat we took a bus to the bottom of the Pyrimidenkogel-- 845 meter tall wooden structure that is not enclosed. Just from the bottom was a beautiful view.  Because we are young and stupid, we took the stairs all the way to the top.  Thank goodness for the nice day, because the view was amazing. You could see the whole lake and all the cities the line the lake. Just beautiful. Once we took the stairs down, we realized we still had at least an hour before the bus came back for us so we decided to eat lunch at the cafe. I had some awesome weiner schnitzel (turkey) with cranberry sauce and veggies :) Added with a glass of Riesling and I think I had the best lunch ever. After that long day we headed back and I got to talk to my Mom and my Uncle.

Sunday--I spent the day cleaning and working on my homework. After that was done I reorganized my room and then did some more cleaning. WOO!

Tomorrow I have a test over the German that I have learned so far.. Wish me luck! :)

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Day 7 -- Klagenfurt

There isn't much going on other than my German class... So I might not post for a few days. But I will say that I met up with my buddy today and put my English to good use! She is applying for an internship in Canada and needed me to go over and correct her application. :)

Alrighty, it's time for bed!  Guten Nacht!